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Experience the all new Travian adventure

    Travian Games is delighted to be able to introduce this year’s annual special, Travian: Rise of Alliances. Players are invited to explore an original map of Europe and form mighty alliances in which they may battle for regions possessing powerful artifacts. These artifacts generate victory points for the controlling alliance, depending on the artifact's strength. Weaker artifacts award more points than more powerful ones.

    Based on the popular setting of Travian: Scattered Empire, it takes more teamwork and tactical gameplay than ever before to conquer regions: Players can now contribute resources to their alliance and unlock unique bonuses such as faster troop production, increased generation of culture points or stronger weapons and armor. Bonuses are crucial if you are to succeed in thrilling battles over regions, villages and resources.

    Thanks in part to the quickstart conditions which give players resource fields already upgraded to level 10 and limit settling to central regions, Travian: Rise of Alliances offers a fast-paced, dynamic gameplay that attracts veterans and new players alike.
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