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    Travian: Legends Annual Special 2020
    Shadow Empires

    Travian: Shadow Empires is the 2020 annual special of Travian: Legends, the leading strategy MMO browser game. Join thousands of other large-scale PVP enthusiasts and immerse yourself in an unrivaled battle for domination.

    Unite in Factions

    For the first time ever, you gather with others under the banner of factions! Bound to a defined region, your goals are set: Defend your territory in unity and conquer the lands of your foes – or pull up your stakes, betray your allies, and seek allegiance with the enemy.

    Choose a Tribe

    Five unique tribes to choose from, tailored specifically to different play styles. From the Huns as an offensive powerhouse to the steadfast Gauls, you decide how you want to strike your opponents with fear.

    Conquer Europe

    Our popular map is back! Set foot on the time-honored lands of Europe and fight alongside your allies to leave a lasting mark on its ground.

    Choose your faction


    Living at the threshold of two continents involves many extremes. Constructive relations between opposing civilizations bring prosperity and knowledge, while merciless conflicts over the domination of this valuable region deliver death and despair. The Horde is excellently equipped for this contrast. Over time, they have acquired a vast arsenal of tactics to excel in any situation that confronts them.


    Surrounded by opposing forces for centuries, the Empire has a long history of conflicts, providing an incredible opportunity for their warriors to hone their skills beyond perfection. Their discipline in warfare and their drive on the political stage are widely admired. While this does not prevent others from the occasional saber-rattling, they often fall silent quickly once confronted with a stone-cold response – on the battlefield or elsewhere.


    The Dynasty is forged by survival in barren, forbidding lands. They are experts in taking advantage of even the scarcest resources and know the necessity of companionship and trust too well, living in an environment that seems to be inherently hostile. With their endurance and relentlessness, they will make any enemy bow down – like the sand that eventually cuts even the hardest rock until it forms part of the desert.


    Although protected by the Atlantic Ocean on the rim of their territory, war is no stranger to the Rebels of the lands to the west. Their worship of freedom is only matched by their unforgiving martial power, which strikes those who try to diminish either. They hold their weapons close and value their training dearly, for no enemy who lays hands on them goes unpunished.


    The people of the north have endured the rough elements of the coast for what feels like an eternity. Their will to survive and their protectiveness over the land have cost the countless lives of those who marched across their borders too carelessly. As Marauders, they have united to defend their sacred lands against even the mightiest opponent and to bring destruction to anyone in reach of their dangerous grasp.